Yes is the canon daughter of No, but it is unknown who named her Yes, though it could possibly be her mother/father depending on the ship, or Galexy.



Yes has white hair and white eyes due to albinism, and has some vitiligo, just like her father, yet it is more noticeable on her. Contrary to the picture, Yes has dreadlocks. She commonly wears a school like uniform, but likes breaking the rules so her tie is usually not proper and she wears a beret. She has demon wings and a demon tail, but it is unknown if she has demon horns too or not, and she is noted to be able to disguise her demon parts, reason unknown.


Yes is noticeably flirty, but not to the extreme. She likes helping others, but will be the first to get into a fight, and the last to stop. She often does not think before she does, causing her to get out of trouble easier, but into a lot of trouble. She is sometimes considered rude, but loyal.

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