Icys Chill Wiki

Maestro is a smug and crazy theatrical male grew up orphaned but learn to survive and did killed a gang of people trying to kill him at a young age and was ffoundby someone name grim and they became brothers grim would take cars of him and they have. Bond and maestro joys his fancy home and a good friend to lexy who they share the same pain but still a bond[]


Sometimes cruelty leads to tragedy and with tragedy . They get on edge but I t shoved me off that edge and it made me who I am

What can hope do for someone? Being told its alright trying to find that light from the darkness but I can you really believe that well of course cause society denies doubt to be strong but this fragile that can' break anyone.. and you can't just out the pieces easily together


Dont threaten me with a good time

Mad world

Control (by halsey)