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A story for y'all.

First Part[]

Time was running out. Now or never. She had no choice. It was either this and become a creature of the night, or death. And she knew what would happen if she died.

He smirked at her. "Hurry up and make your decision before the time runs out. You don't want too die now, do you?"

She sighed. "Make me a vampire too."

If she didn't become a vampire, he would feast on her blood. And she would die, and he would live. Which was bad. If she became a vampire too, at least she would be able to kill him easier. To save the world.

And with that, she became one of them.

A.N. I know, so far so boring, but I will add more soon!

Second Part[]

He smiled at her, his fangs glistening. "Good choice."

"Whatever it takes to stop you." She spat out.