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Story By Icy

This is a story written by Icy. while he leaves it open to edit, please do not change any of the information, unless its spelling or grammar. thank you, and have a nice day. if you have any concerns, please contact Icy The Animus SandWing on his message wall.

No brushed his hair, sad. He missed Lexy, so smart and so much potential, but then left him. He could see why she left, he couldn’t save her from their parents.

It’s was 8 years since she left. No walked too school, her necklace thumping underneath his shirt, close too his heart so he never forgot her.

“Hey Chris.” No said to his boyfriend, kissing him.

“are you gay?” a girl asked, her eyes wide with love.

“I’m not gay. I’m Pan, I like girls, I like guys, I like non binary people. Not gay.” No pointed out, flipping his white albino hair.

No walked with Chris to their first class, but he couldn’t pay attention. Instead he thought of his twin sister who left all those years ago. Was she okay? Was she still alive?

“Noah! Pay attention!” The first period teacher said loudly.

“I’m sorry. Something appears to be on my mind, and it’s not your Science.” No said back.

“Noah, in the hall, NOW.” She pointed.

No headed out.

“What’s going on? You’re usually my best student. What’s wrong?”she asked.

“My twin sister. She went missing 8 years ago, and I’m worried, still. If she is still alive, I would like find her.” No said.

“Noah, you’re one of the best students, but surely you must recognize that this mission would be suicide. Most likely she’s dead, and you need to move on.” The teacher said comfortingly.

“That won’t stop me!” No protested. “You’re right, I am one of your best students. But I can’t move on. Plus, I’m well ahead of the class.”

And with that, No left the class. He ran too a nearby forest ad hid between the trees.

“I’m not gonna be like my parents. I will bring people back to life and not harm people I care about.” No promised. ”And I will never take her necklaces off.

He held the necklace close and softly kissed it, falling asleep. He would always fight for her.

Meanwhile, a person, female, all clad in white watched him sleep. She grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil, and wrote, I Miss you.

She walked away, taking her mask off to smile at him, her blue hair falling out. She kissed him on the forehead and walked away, putting her mask back on, hiding her scarred and burnt face Andy her dyed blue hair. Even though she had technically abandoned him, she never stopped missing him.

But she was the Unknown Healer, and he was the Reviver. The special one. She could never be special, but she would heal and Procter everyone for as long as life could give her.